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UNWTO and Indusa Global Agreement Strenghtening Security and Facilitation by e-Tourism [PDF]
"Indusa Global is specialized in data management for Tourism, National Security and Transport security and logistics and its software solutions encompass e-visa and e-passports technologies to provide secure, hassle-free travel. “We are looking forward to working closely with UNWTO and Microsoft to promote secure ID and travel reporting solutions that allow easy access in to countries, while promoting security and border control”, says Indusa Global CEO James Ram..."
BizIntelligence Pipeline [PDF]

"With tourists as its lifeblood, the government of the Bahamas this month hooks all its major hotels and tourist boards into a centralized BI system for tracking visitors.

Business intelligence in the Bahamas begins, essentially, on an airliner's descent into Nassau. Passengers fill out their immigration cards, take their vacations, and a few weeks or months later they might receive a thank you note from the Minister of Tourism, along with a piece of targeted marketing, depending on the "trip purpose" they denote on an immigration card..."


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Computer World [PDF]
"Some companies looking to deliver business intelligence software to growing numbers of end users are re-evaluating their mix of analysis and reporting tools in an effort to improve scalability and performance. And vendors are responding to those concerns by updating reporting tools with stronger and more flexible data analysis capabilities and by boosting the performance of online analytical processing tools..."
Destination CRM [PDF]
"The Bahamas is a popular vacation spot, perhaps as well known for its beautiful beaches as for its mass advertising blitzes. Now the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is on a journey of its own, looking for a solution to collect visitor demographics and then design targeted marketing
campaigns to reel in more vacationers..."
DM Review [PDF]
"Actuate Corporation and Indusa Global announced a solution for the Government of The Bahamas that will report on and analyze visitor trends, greatly simplifying the task of generating and distributing thousands of enterprise-wide reports to various government ministries and hoteliers. The solution has been developed and
managed by Indusa and utilizes Actuate's Enterprise Reporting Application Platform..."
DM Review [PDF]
"The Bahamas' approach to tourism development had been focused on blanket advertising campaigns to a broad customer base. Indusa Global's task was to assist the Ministry in transforming the island's customer relationship management process...."
"We can now improve our productivity because we have accurate information readily available to make intelligent business decisions. One benefit of this information is that we are able to implement better structured programs that bring about the convergence of innovative thinking, people, and technology."
-- Hon. Obie Wilchcombe
    Minister of Tourism
    Bahamas Government
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