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Our Tourism services include solutions for tracking visitors, analyzing trends, target marketing, and CRM. The VisiTrak solution provides customers with consulting services such as Forms and Survey Design, Process Design and Re-engineering, and Workflow Optimization. The VisiTrends solution provides decision makers with the ability to slice and dice data, analyze trends, and profile visitors demographically and psycho-graphically. Once our users learn more about visitor needs, our VisiConnect solution assists them in building a relationship with the customer. [read more]   Our National Security and Border Control services include solutions for biometrics & AFIS, E-Visas & E-Passports, and visitor tracking and searching capabilities. The iTrak solution provides customers with consulting services such as Forms Design, Process Design and Re-engineering, and Workflow Optimization. The iSearch solution is a document management system, which gives Immigration Officers the ability to search on key visitor data and locate their Immigration cards. Indusa’s iProtect solution provides countries with biometric-based eVisas & ePassports. [read more]   Our Transport Security and Logistics practice is focused on the specific security needs for aviation, maritime, and mass transit. Our consulting services include the study and implementation of access control, biometric, smart card management, CCTV, remote surveillance and monitoring, screening and detection, IT security, real time visual simulations for fire and safety protection, perimeter protection, terrorism protection and other technologies for the transport and logistics security market. [read more]
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Indusa Global Laboratory for Security Studies
"With thanks to the generous support from the Indusa Global Corporation, we are pleased to announce the initiation of the Indusa Global Laboratory for Security Studies at the Florida Institute of Technology"  (Florida Tech)... [read more]
INDUSA and UNWTO to jointly promote National Security and Tourism
UNWTO has signed a collaboration agreement with data management and e-security specialist Indusa Global to advance the application of Information and Communication Technology for the sustainable development of the Tourism Sector... [read more]
Indusa's Partnership with Microsoft
At Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, Indusa was awarded Microsoft’s Award for innovations in Data Management Solutions [read more]. For our innovative Tourism and National Security solutions and our overall growth in 2006, Indusa was also selected as a Case Study by Microsoft... [read more]
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What we know Why Indusa?
Indusa Solutions are designed around the core principles of knowledge, access and visualization; essential ingredients of the kind of integrated and collaborative solutions that can move our clients business, processes and operations to the next generation of computing… [read more]
Using Offshore What we know...
Indusa Consulting Services encompass a wide range of expertise in Business Intelligence, Enterprise Reporting, and Knowledge Management... [read more]
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