Our National Security and Border Control services include solutions for biometrics & AFIS, eVisas & ePassports, and visitor tracking and searching capabilities. The iTrak solution provides customers with consulting services such as Forms Design, Process Design and Re-engineering, and Workflow Optimization. The eSearch solution is a document management system, which gives Immigration Officers the ability to search on key visitor data and locate their Immigration cards. Indusa’s iProtect solution provides countries with Air & Sea manifests, biometric-based eVisas & ePassports and a Deportation module.

At Indusa Global, we believe that our systems help keep our clients safe:

  • Disrupting organized transnational criminal groups and networks;
  • Battling Money Laundering and Narcotics trafficking;
  • Combating human exploitation especially gender based violence and trafficking of women;
  • Strong systems protect citizens from internal corruption including bribery;
  • Helps create a 21’st century border which leads to stronger and more resilient communities;


iTrak provides customers with consulting services for process re-engineering, forms design, and workflow optimization. Indusa consultants are adept in designing and testing Immigration Forms as well as Passport, Visa, Work Permit, and Customs Applications. National security organizations and immigration departments have utilized Indusa’s iTrak solution to improve their Data Capture, Data Conversion, Content Management, Searching Capabilities, and Reporting processes.

As part of the iTrak solution, Indusa consultants study the Customers organization and procedures in order to make process improvement recommendations. In addition, Indusa consultants ensure that they understand the Customers marketing needs to help them minimize costs and maximize effectiveness.


It is extremely important for the immigration department to quickly and efficiently track and search visitor information whenever needed. eSearch does exactly this and enables the immigration department to effortlessly and quickly search for a visitor and pull up the image of the actual immigration card filled in by that visitor.

eSearch allows Immigration Officers the ability to search for visitors based on Date of Entry, Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, Country of Citizenship, Port of Entry, Airline, Passport Number, etc. Upon typing in the search criteria, the Immigration Officer can retrieve all relevant information regarding the Visitor in question.

iProtect - eVisa

eVisa technologies have been implemented and are being considered by various Governments. The goal of Indusa’s eVisa solution is to help countries protect their borders through efficient, effective, but more secure procedures and technologies.

Indusa’s eVisa solution promotes both ease of travel and tighter security. While visitors can apply for visas online by submitting their completed applications and required photos, the background check is extensive before the visa approval is granted. Another benefit is that there is no longer a need to have a physical visa sticker inserted into a passport, the visa approval is automatically provided to the Airline GDS. Therefore, when a visitor arrives at the Airline check-in counter, the visa approval is already part of his/her record; allowing for a quick and easy check-in process.

iProtect - ePassport

ePassport technologies are being implemented by various Governments around the world. Unlike the paper based security offered by Machine Readable Passports, our ePassport solution is unique to each individual and cannot be modified as the bearer’s identity, photograph, thumbprints and other personal details are coded into the passport’s microchip, while providing the Machine Readable Passports with paper based security features. This renders the passport tamper proof and any attempt to duplicate it will be useless.

If a microchip is used in a passport, which stores biometrics for verification, then even if a forger manages to change the printed photograph in the passport, the encrypted photograph, thumbprints and text data on the microchip cannot be altered; once written, the microchip can not be re-written.

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