Health Monitor

Indusa Global Health Care Solutions has developed a secure, scalable and useful remote patient monitoring solution whose functionality includes numerous on-body, non-intrusive sensors that can collect detailed physiological data anytime, anywhere.

Called Indusa Healthchex it is the answer to all queries related to one’s health. Indusa Healthchex is a compact and wireless home health monitor that measures body vitals including Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Levels, Pulse, Temperature, EKG., Glucometer to measure Blood Glucose, Hemoglobin and Cholesterol and a Spirometer to measure lung ventilation. Indusa Healthchex offers a cloud based solution that provides:

  • One app, Any OS, All the time.
  • Helps to keep a tab of the patient’s health.
  • Provides statistical reports, insights and intelligence.
  • Enables your health experts and loved ones to get the vitals directly through a cloud solution.

Resonator for Neuro Treatments

Indusa is in the process of developing a sympathetic/passive resonator capable of modifying brain frequencies. Such equipment would allow personalized treatments to individuals with different mental disorders.

Approximately one in four individuals in the US general population meet diagnostic criteria for a mental disorder. Current therapeutic attempts rely primarily on pharmacological interventions having serious side effects. Our sympathetic resonator would have little in terms of side effects and would be aimed at the core pathological features of mental disorders providing hope for a cure.

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